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Mitigating Trauma and Building Resiliency

Achieve Columbia is a non-profit helping to mitigate the effects of childhood trauma and build resiliency so that kids have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Over 50% of students at Hand Middle School are living in poverty, which dramatically increases the likelihood of encountering multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (trauma).


Only 13% of Midlands students who have experienced four or more Adverse Childhood Experiences graduate college or a trade school.


Long term support has been shown to build resiliency in children and lessen the impact of trauma. This is Achieve Columbia's focus, and it is what makes us unique.

An Anonymous Gift Makes a Summer Program Possible

A lot of folks know about Central Carolina Community Foundation’s big online day of giving – Midlands Gives. But CCCF does a lot more than that. Achieve Columbia was fortunate enough to receive a generous anonymous gift from the Cheerful Giver through CCCF. This gift is allowing Achieve Columbia to hold its first ever Summer Program. Towards the end of this summer we will be holding a “camp” for 25-30 kids to get them ready for the new school year in an engaging and fun way. We will have a number of teachers whom the kids already know as well as teachers they will have as they move into the 8th grade. This will allow them to begin to build relationships with their new teachers – an important ingredient of success for these students. Through a literacy-focused program the students will be pushed to think about themselves, the world around them, and their place in it. We will be working with our students in very small groups which allows for a great deal of engagement.

We could not be more excited about this opportunity and are certain this will be the first of many summer experiences that we begin to offer our students. Check back here in August for an update on how it went.

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